Haico’s Hot Sauce - 50 Shades Of Pain
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Haico’s Hot Sauce - 50 Shades Of Pain

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HOT 4/5 

This is rumoured to be origin of Christian Grey’s twisted mind. A combination of Ghost peppers, 7 Pot peppers, Habanero’s, Jalapeno’s, Hungarian Wax peppers and other fresh ingredients are enough to give anyone deviant desires. Try it at your own risk. Not nearly the hottest sauce of them all, but hot enough to feel the whip tingling your tongue.

Ingredients: Ghost Peppers, Habaneros, 7 Pot Peppers, Jalapeno, Hungarian Wax Peppers, Onion, Lemon, Lime, Cider Vinegar, Water, Soya Sauce, Fresh Herbs and Spices.

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